The intent was to end up with a bass driver with the lowest distortion possible while retaining the efficiency and dynamic response that were the hallmarks of JBL. Current high end “Monitor” for Asian market. There was one goal – to develop the finest drivers possible. In January of , JBL Consumer presented the members of this website with an unprecedented opportunity. I did have a look at increasing the enclosure volume and keeping port lengths between 5″ and 7. I really like having the port opening on an opposite side from the woofer.

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The K2-S 1500xl are the result of that program. Classic slow and low bass. There is a gentle curved roll off below Hz and no sign of a knee in the curve. Help – headphone advice needed please.

This is wasted magnetic energy and requires an inordinately strong magnet to ensure reasonable sensitivity. Now I guess I should post over on the technical forum, but any ideas for the ideal cabinet design, along with recommended fillings etc would really be greatly apreciated. It’s whether you trade this extension and indeed question it’s necessity against group delay – I wouldn’t, and certainly not for a hifi system.

None of these constraints were absolute. There’s no need for wadding, and in fact, it may well be detrimental to the operation of a reflex enclosure.

Help needed wiring a transformer to soundcraft main outputs! However, there is an open invitation to join this initiative and become a participant. And then with an ‘egg-shell’ type foam to disperse standing waves.

Will keep you posted. The simulations show this as an over damped alignment, not optimally flat, but I have had much better results with larger enclosures.

It was particularly an issue for an underhung design like the AL which had an inordinately deep gap. When I first saw what you wanted to do, especially the required bandwith up to HzI was a little concerned. I tried the Tact subs, but for my musical tastes, they were a little dry, lightening fast but 1050al.


Help and Advice needed by newbie

Power compression regards a reduction in output as power levels increase. The only problem you 150al have is leveling out the climb above Hz should basx decide to crossover at Hz. Therefore, mitigating it to the maximum degree became a design objective.

As you are going to a rather high crossover frequency, avoid equal internal dimensions. Thanks for that TT, We are slowly getting there! The magnetic energy requirements to provide a reasonable flux density in such a deep gap was enormous.

Jun 20, Messages: Any help would be much apreciated. Current high end “Monitor” for Asian market. Also group delay exhibits a nasty peak, and in general is well above that which is acceptable for sound quality. Ed was responsible for the design of the majority of transducers and loudspeaker systems during the Golden Era of JBL from the ‘s and into the ‘s.

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A large coil would be required, but to maintain the underhung topology, there would need to be a gap depth of unprecedented proportions. However, there is a price 15500al increased distortion.

It was more susceptible to flux modulation caused by voice coil currents and more susceptible to flux loss due to heating. This tunes the box to gass 36Hz. Thank you very much for that Gordon. While this can be dealt with in network compensation, the purist in Doug wanted that energy back. The focal point of this system was to be an Alnico magnet woofer with an underhung coil. The result was that the major drawback of using Alnico for a loudspeaker magnet had been completely eliminated.