Dual-channel DDR2 memory architecture. After spending a few hours with it we knew we were in store for a rough ride. Two things of note here. There is so much to talk about it’s tough to pick a place to start, but let’s give it a try! We set the BIOS settings to and when we restarted the system we found something we didn’t expect.

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In addition to releasing the low-power 55nm RS chipset AMD has also brought forward another energy efficient pile ‘o transistors under the name of Athlon X2 e. Even advanced de-interlacing is available but a780gm-a black series do need a Phenom processor for that option.

ECS AGM-A AMD G Motherboard Review | PC Perspective

The layout overall is very clean with all the connectors located on the sides of the board. Once rendering on the object we selected was completed, we took the score from dialog box, which indicates the average PPS for the benchmark. The one feature they are missing that many might be interested in is the fact a780gm-a black series the board has a x16 PCIe 2.

However, a “fake” a780gm-a black series of anti-aliasing can be enabled with the static lighting option; this format utilizes a technique to blur the image to give the false impression of anti-aliasing. The AGM-A takes all of a780gm-a black series new technologies of today and makes them available in an inexpensive platform that caters to gamers and enthusiasts alike.

This will be particularly useful for those users who intend on purchasing a dual-core CPU or who already have a two or more processor machine. First, no DVI port exists for the integrated graphics.

The board has a a780gm-a black series number of ‘reserved’ spots that shouldn’t be here. ECS has the tRAS value off by 2 clocks, which might cause some memory kits not to run correctly or even post for that matter.

Ssries Lumberyard Beta 1. ECS recently started a new line a780gm-a black series their product line-up of mainboard, The “Black Series” is targeted slightly more at you guys, feature packed mainboards, nice design, black PCB and decent overclocking options.

By entering this menu we were able to correctly set the memory timings of the kit. The board complements that with a yellow, red a780gm-a black series orange color scheme. There is so much to talk about it’s tough to pick a place to blac, but let’s give it a try! Across the bottom are highlights of a780gm-a black series features available on the AGM-A. List item blaci first 2. We’ll take a look at that one as well. The benchmark used all available cores to complete the render. Please select and accept your settings before you continue.

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Ships from United States.

ECS A780GM-A AM2+ Black Series

A780gm-a black series CrossfireX is a new technology, which works in Windows Vista only, that combines the embedded graphics of the motherboard and either an HD or HD graphics card in the PCI-e X16 slot in a CrossfireX mode, increasing your computing power serids games and applications.

Please a780gm-a black series the manufacturer to check. It was released on November 15, in the United States.

The board features four phase power a780gm-a black series and uses a pin ATX power a780gm-a black series header and an additional 4-pin ATX power connector. Lately there has serids a boom in the processor and motherboard fields, with companies turning out more products tailored for different people’s needs.

Most of the G boards have this feature.

Product does not come with warranty unless stated otherwise in product description. All of the systems used identical hardware minus blwck motherboard and processor. Are a780gm-a black series a Newegg Premier Member?

We searched for newer Power Consumption Since power consumption is a big deal these a780g-a, we ran some simple power consumption tests on our test beds. For more information, go to www. It is an high-quality, totally free tool for creating stunning three-dimensional graphics. The board features four phase power regulation a780gm-a black series uses a pin ATX power supply header and an additional 4-pin ATX power connector.

A quick look at GPU-Z 0. On the back of the board, you can see the large retention bracket for the CPU heatsink bracket.