Apr 4, Likes Received: In most of my older Altec information, Altec actually crossed over both of these horns at around HZ. I’m thinking about getting rid of one pair, and keeping one, “for a rainy day”, and need to decide whether it’s the ‘s, or the ‘s, that will hit the bricks There is just something about the dynamics of horns that I’ve been addicted to since I got into HiFi. No fear of being broken at parties from being overdriven, or from people suckings filters in them, or drink people falling or spilling ok them.

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Altec 811B Horn + Big Woofer DIY System

Page 1 of 12 Discussion in ‘ DIY ‘ started altfc spwathJan 8, DanHowardArtWilsondmckean44 and 3 others like this. That’s very interesting stuff, and I appreciate your having sent it along to me. However, I recently purchased a single horn for a center channel in a 7.

No, create an account now. DigMeJun 6, All times are GMT Sep 28, Likes Received: I’m not speaking from direct experience here and I won’t be able to offer specific driver options, but in general I do find horn speakers can be fatiguing too, but I have HPs for longer listening sessions.

Another way to write it is altce never sounds entirely right to me in a small room or through headphones, so I’ve given up on reproducing live bass at home.

I’ll measure outside tomorrow. Thanks, again, and God Bless!

Altec B Horn + Big Woofer DIY System | Super Best Audio Friends

I’ve not used the B’s for anything since I got them, many years ago, but have used the B’s in medium sized PA cabinets, and like them, quite a lot, actually. Thad E Ginathom and Wilson like this.


IMO for home altfc there’s no better sounding 1″ horns than the and These speakers are basically indestructible now. When I go back to college I’ll see if I can use the anechoic chamber to do some measurements.

Used altec for Sale |

Hi Doc, You may find these measurements useful, so throwing them into the hopper: I realize, now, that this, too, was probably an effort to dampen any ringing coming from the horns. I guess that, someday, I’ll have to play with them, and with the Altec drivers that I still own, and see how I think they sound to my old, tired ears. I haven’t upgraded, but they’ve given me many years of great service. I think that, for now, I’ll just leave both sets of horns where they are, and when time presents, will have some fun with them, just for grins.

Me, I am addicted to the sound of well done horn speakers, but some people find them annoying. 811h name or email address: You must log in or sign up to reply here.

I thought that system smoked any regular home stereo speaker system I’d heard to that time, except the L’s, for which I had deep lust, back then. ArmaegisJun 6, Take care, and God Bless!

I’d go budget on the woofers and not budget on the compression drivers. Do you already have an account? Oct 18, Likes Received: Also, still the dip around 1. Now, I have my own L’s, and a lifetime dream has been satisfied!!