Supravox Makes a range of kits both using their well known horns and the more usual paper cone speakers along with a few hybrids. Arnscott Electronics Manufacures a range of drivers aimed squarely at the PA markets, these range from small unit with ceramic magnets to horn loaded 12″ units, since they are all indented for sound reinforcement purposes all of them are either full range or coaxial full range models. Aura Sound The consumer division of the company ie the products that they will sell to end users has a range of NRT long throw subwoofer units and a range of small high quality full range speakers with neodymium magnets and aluminum cones along with a 18″ monster very low frequency woofer derived from their subwoofer designs it’s actually somewhere between a a subwoofer and a bass woofer, it’s frequency range is 20 to Hz. Yoshimura Sound Labs YL Makes ultra high end horn drivers mostly to order, also did at one time sell high end woofers units individually but we are unsure if they are available they are certainly still being made, are found inside Audio Note speakers , almost no info on the company homepage so you should send them a e-mail query about availability and prices etc. Currently Active Driver Manufacturers. Humdinger Loudspeaker Group Manufacture and sell drivers intended for hi-fi, automotive and PA applications. Panasonic Has a large range of drivers, while most of their line is targeted towards consumer electronics there are a few units from them that are interesting in particular some of their tweeters, you should take a look at their Catalogue or their selection guide.

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Aurum Cantus Has a range of tweeters and mid range woofers, their most interesting product by far are the Aluminium Ribbon Tweeters which are quality units shipping at much lower prices than the equivalent western made products, these appear to have been designed by Alain Benard. Kmaxima This manufacturer makes all the basic ingredients of a loudspeaker except for the cones themselves, i. North Creek Music Systems Makes fairly high end soft dome tweeters, unusual in that they are degigned to fint into thin cabinets such as have become popular with floorstanding AV models.

Beyma Makes a lage range of drivers for both industrial use, hi-fi auratone replacement sound reinforcement usage and for DIY constructors, note that their homepage has a really good downloadable booklet of cabinet designs geared towards PA auratone replacement but interesting for any speaker builderthe booklet is in English even though the rest of the site is in Spanish. Motorola Manufacture quite a range of piezo and ceramic tweeters including horn types and some that are surface mounted, it should be noted that these auratone replacement more popular for PA, replaccement audio and sound reinforcement applications than for auratone replacement hi-fi use but are also very cost effective.

Selenium This Brazilian company has a wide range of drivers at keen auratone replacement, they are a little geared towards PA and car audio applications but not only. As a sidenote Auratons saw a long discussion on one DIY loudspeaker discussion group concerning auratone replacement “classic” KEF drivers from the years of ca. Visaton Makes a large range of kits, mostly home replacemdnt speakers but some unusual models including models featuring full range drivers.

Sinus A long standing manufacturer of drivers, the walls of their driver units are made out of strands of carbon fibre and cellulose fibre woven together. Phy-HP Manufactures a range of high end full range drivers or rather wide range ones auratone replacement 35Hz auratone replacement 10kHz usablethese are paper cone auraton with AlNiCo magnets and typically very sensitive, or upto 98db.

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Illusion Audio Has a small range of drivers intended for car audio installations but are sometimes seen used in sound reinforcement applications, not really suitable for home hi-fi though.

Wavecor This startup company has a small range of drivers intended for hi-fi usage including a soft dome tweeter available with or without Ferro-fluid, a couple of midrange drivers that can be used as auratone replacement woofers if necessary, these are available in versions that feature alnico magnets or ferrite magnets, finally they have a 7″ subwoofer available as well. Monacor Has an absolutely massive replacekent of drivers, and while a large part of them are auratonne towards car audio or are budget models best left for auratone replacement devises there are some real gems in there at quite agreeable prices, in fact their lineup is so big that the company has niche product lines that are bigger than auratone replacement whole product catalogues of most suppliers listed here.

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Panasonic Has a auratone replacement range of drivers, auratone replacement most of their line is targeted towards consumer electronics there are a few units from them that auratone replacement interesting in particular some of their tweeters, you should take a look at their Catalogue or their selection guide.

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Eton High end driver units. Turntables – Pickups Tonearms – 78 Rpm. Swans Speaker Systems Makes a wide variety of drivers ranging from budget stuff up to high end drivers. Jargon Dictionary About Audiotools. Auratone replacement a range of drivers, you can view the specifications and prices here.

In we moved to a full product offering and auratoje catalog, which over the auratone replacement has grown to pages.

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replacemebt Manger Has a revolutionary piston like driver out, is expensive but has to be auditioned if you are building monitors. Acoustics Real This company has a range of high end loudspeaker kits. Wilmslow Audio Has a sizeable range of kits, primarily large floorstanders but also a few bookmounters and Auratone replacement speakers, more info here. Best known for their subwoofer models but they also make more conventional bass replacememt and an interesting auratone replacement compression drivers with a horn.

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If you can get hold of them there are some quite interesting models, some of their models are marketed to consumers under the Fostex name, but that arrangement is only used for more expensive models.

Transparence Makes a wide range of normal loudspeaker drivers but also some very interesting horn tweeters. Omyang Mostly low auratone replacement drivers for OEM auratone replacement but is slowly moving into the more home hi-fi reaches of the market, but still the biggest drivers from the company are only mm and have a power rating of W or so RMS.

Note also auratone replacement we do not list drivers intended for car audio usage except perhaps as a sidenote.

The company is willing to supply the drivers in single quantities so auratone replacement your auratone replacement distributor does not stock these you can try contacting Wavecor directly, and if their products remind you of some older drivers from a certain Scandinavian company that is no fluke, the designers of these are apparently Danish.

Dynaudio Not many seem to be aware of the fact replacemsnt they sell drivers, but you should at the very least take a look at their range especially if you are building a monitor system, but they are also a replacemen supplier replacemenr auratone replacement for use in upmarket car audio applications. Althoug we are aware that there is a thriving trade in used and vintage driver units it was decided that we will not list info on them at the present time.

Makes auratone replacement amplifier modules intended to be used in high end televisons but are actually ideal for use in budget active loudspeaker designs, some info here. Especially useful for those of you that replacrment into repairing older speakers is that they have some unconventional sizes of woofers out there that conform to older standards often difficult auratone replacement get hold auratone replacement now.

Fane Auratone replacement British company that specialises in making drivers with a fairly large auratone replacement handling capabilities per size, and thus popular in sound reinforcement and musical amplification, they have however recently introduced NXT based flat panels with much higher power output capabilities than people have come to expect from that technology.

Recone Lab Based in West Yorkshire, will work on almost anything. AER Makes a full range driver that is ideal for horn loading.