Select the desired character string from the list of the character strings registered as watermarks. Page Removing the Packing Materials and Installing the Paper Feeder The paper feeder is to be installed at the bottom of the printer unit. Select the [Use Periodical Calibration Timer] check box in the [Calibration Settings] dialog box, then specify the time to perform calibration in [Time]. Chapter 5 F 5. If the optional paper feeder is installed, pull out the paper cassette of the paper feeder. Pressing the Cancel Job key on the control panel also cancels the job in which an error is occurring and that in a printing process. Then, unplug the power plug from the AC power outlet and contact your local authorized Canon dealer.

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From the [Start] menu, select [Printers and Faxes].

Removing the Paper Feeder Remove the paper feeder using the following procedure. Installation of the instruction manuals starts.

Canon Ink Cartridge And Canon Toner Cartridge

For example, if you are printing three copies of a 3-page document, printouts of a complete canon lbp 5300 are grouped, arranged in this page order: Installing the Optional Accessories Chapter 9 Appendix Considerable effort has been made to ensure that this manual is free of inaccuracies and canon lbp 5300. Canon Imageclass Ink and Toner.

Printed paper is output in order of page. Duplexing Cooling Fan Failure Detection If properly cahon with a bi-directional interface, an external device may be used to check the printer status.


Be the first to know! Canon Canon 4″ x 6″ Paper and Film. Connect the canon lbp 5300 cables except for the USB cable, and connect the power cord. In this case, open and close the front cover or top cover once.

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The Printing Position Adjustment Canon lbp 5300 is printed as shown in the following. Table Of Contents Contents 2. Various Control Mechanisms Chapter 2 Each temperature control circuit and function of the fixing unit fanon described in the following pages. The NetSpot Device Installer is software that allows you to easily initialize the settings of printers connected to the network.

Pull down this menu Stapler Finisher K2. Installing Caonn Toner Cartridges Installing the Toner Cartridges The toner cartridges to which packing materials are attached are already installed in the printer.

Introduction Symbols Used This documentation uses the following symbols to indicate special information: Csnon Right-click the icon for this printer, then select [Sharing] from the pop-up menu.

Page Setting Up canon lbp 5300 Printing Environment CHAPTER This chapter describes the procedure for installing the printer driver in a computer and specifying the settings for printing from a network computer by sharing the canon lbp 5300 on the network.

Remedy Replace the paper with new one and print again. Page 57 Holding the toner cartridge by the blue tabs on the both sides, pull it horizontally. Installation was performed by a user who is not a member of Administrators.


Paper Jam Area The messages displayed in the Printer Status Window indicate where the paper is jammed, and there are the following kinds. Page 90 Chapter 3 F F 5 Slide off the guide [1]. If you try to remove the jammed paper forcefully, the feed roller may come off. Discount prices on laser printer toner and printer ink cartridges. Perform any one of the following procedures that is suitable for your operating system to display the Properties dialog boxes.

Precautions for Handling the Multi-purpose Tray or Paper Cassette Be careful of the following points when canon lbp 5300 the multi-purpose tray or paper cassette. Page Perform the following procedure. Press ” ” of the power switch on the printer. Page Install the duplex unit. Click [OK] or [Print]. Chapter 2 Each temperature canon lbp 5300 circuit and function of the fixing unit is described in the following pages.

Setting Up the Printing Environment CHAPTER This chapter describes the procedure for installing the printer driver in a computer canon lbp 5300 specifying the settings for printing from a network computer by sharing canon lbp 5300 printer on the network.

Printing with Toner Density Adjusted You can print with the toner density of each color black, yellow, magenta, and cyan adjusted.

Page 39 Optional Accessories Page Page – Performing Calibration Immediately after Achieving More Beautiful Color Printing If the color in the print are not as expected, or the image quality is low, or the printout takes a long time, the printer performance is halved.

Poor print quality, such as lgp or scaly print occurs. While holding the lock release canon lbp 5300 of the side paper guides, canpn the guides to lhp mark for the size canon lbp 5300 the loaded paper. Remedy Specify it as the default printer. F Canon lbp 5300 the developing estrangement drive unit is properly set to its home position, rotating the gear [2] does not make the gears [4] rotate and also there will be no sense of resistance when rotating the gear [2].

To make further adjustment, repeat Step 1 to 7. Furthermore, calibration processing provides consistently stable images.

Load the paper so that the edge of the paper is aligned with the front side of the paper cassette. If you have selected the [Print with Upper Left of Sheet as Starting Point] check box in the [Finishing Details] dialog canon lbp 5300 in the canon lbp 5300 driver, you can extend the printable area to near the edges of the paper.

Page Feb 27 Moving the Printer When changing the location of the printer or moving the printer for maintenance, be sure to perform the following procedure.