This post explains how to notch out the 6. Cabinet building is easy. Watch out for fader creep. Very smooth and natural sounding drivers; low compression rate. Those shouldn’t last long. It came out about a year after the larger M4 was introduced. Just make sure your 1″ can keep up – the community vhf is my personal choice if you have the budget.

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You need to be a member in order to leave a dompression. You’ll also need to be able to add an extra crossover point between the horns, or perhaps use a pre-assembled two-way passive crossover. They have a 1″ compression driver above them. I know I should have asked about these cabs before I got them, but I didn’t find this forum till after the fact.

You won’t need to mess with anything like port calculations since only mid- and high-frequency horns will be living in these cabinets. Make sure you get the MA and compresison simply the M And if that’s the case what would you guys think would work good without spending a ton of money.

COMMUNITY M COMPRESSION Driver 2″ With Flyable Community Exponential Horn – $ | PicClick

What you need is some sort of dedicated, horn-loaded midrange and treble system, most likely, which will be able to keep up with your JBL H woofers.

Forum Permissions You cannot post new topics in this forum You cannot reply to topics in this forum You cannot delete your posts in this forum Compredsion cannot edit your posts in this forum You cannot cokpression polls in this forum You cannot vote in polls in this forum. You could probably find a local cabinet shop i.

What sort of cabinets do you use your woofers in? Posted October 4, Do you have the horns for these?

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Yes, the Elliptrac Those little SLS are still pretty insane, though. I was told to expect outstanding results. Just make sure your 1″ can keep up – the community vhf is my personal choice if coompression have the budget.


With all due respect, don’t cross-post across forums. Nico Boom had the same basic setup and was very pleased.

Watch out for fader creep.

The SBS25 has a much higher max output of dB. I am not well versed in xover design but I don’t think the impedance will pose any issues, you could check with Community and see what compressikn cost is for a 16ohm set of diaphragms.

Birch plywood is the best to use for this.

Voices will be crystal-clear. Did you build those ones yourself? I will be building crossovers from scratch I have transformers.

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Put a micro-farad capacitor in series with the M to protect the driver from any damaging low frequencies. I think someone else said they were “stupid loud”. Are you talking about Dave’s Elliptrac ? The difference is equal to a doubling of the input power, I think.

This is probably your best solution if you want to preserve the triamplified system. Posted July 26, Any aways I have four td they are playing and up. It seems to me, however, that you should see if you can hold onto one pair of the TD cabinets, since they would be useful for small events where the big triamplified rig wouldn’t be needed. I strongly urge you to consider this route as it is likely the one compressiln will give the best results for the money invested, and they will have plenty of useful cmomunity from Hz to 20, Hz, covering most of the voice range as well.