Unable to progress with JF i turned to dosflash but the auto mode ie. Sounds like you missed the Data mover step? Thanks guys for the excellent team work! It still requires extracting of the key. Install the application and open it, in the middle of the window, look for the name of your SATA controller, click the question mark on the right-side, the SATA port is the first 4 four characters in the DeviceIO string. In this example 0xA, or A, is the part that will be used here. I have a copy of the application, not the ROM image.

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This should be obvious, but….

Alternatively, try this very simple RS level converter. So handle it with care!

Liteon DGD2S Erase/Flash Support Here! DONT think its a brick read first. | Page 6 | MaxConsole

The LG I purchased was build date of Dec and came with v1. EuF3y9qzwx Thanks to TeddyRaspin and the community for the great tips and resources. Next, open the hacked firmware and find the correct range to replace in the table below. Do you want to write firmware with tge code to be able to read the firmware? However, your method immediately above works perfectly.

But how do Dosflssh contact TS and get the file to him? If I try to go to windows, the via sata hangs the system as soon as a make a powercycle, if I use a mobo sata this is not recognized by xtractor, jungleflasher or dosflash32 Thanks for reading.

Dumping & Downgrading firmware on UHD Friendly Devices.

The MAX level shifter can operate on voltages ranging from 3. Have your hacked firmware for the drive you want to use as a replacement for the Lite-On ready.

I just performed the rollback procedure process last night using an old Dell Inspiron mini tower I have kept around. So i’d like to understand what i’m doing wrong for now the driver works perfectly and i wouldn’t like to open it, adding wires or so.


Here is what I did czary2mary: In this atqpi 0xA, or A, is the part that will be used here. D3 with my calibration data.

Ok thanks, now i check both the options and if i get problems or so i’ll let you know. Hi guys, I seem to have killed my wh14ns40 service code ns50, it is recognized and opens tray but cant read anything. I went to nvidia. Welcome to the Digiex Download Center, you are welcome to download anything you like here, no registration is required!

DosFlash v Build Download | Digiex

At this point i created my spoof cfw using jf, thought the worst was behind me, i was wrong. On some setups it’s not needed to have the tray thr, it works fine with the tray closed. Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help.

Assume I need a clean 1. Any installed drivers should be uninstalled, because they will switch the controller back to AHCI mode. The methods have been tested with the BenQ doosflash the Sammy. Two different erase programs. Do you already have an account? I can’t, I am using a Macbook Pro 15″so can’t use Dosflash Here is the document, in case it helps anyone else: So I got my lite-on drive ready for the action, I extracted the key, spoofed it and made a bootable cd with l-o-erase and dosflash.

I hope I have made it useful. Looking inside your 1. It is very frustrating and i feel stuck after all the hard work is done.