Clone mode – the same picture on two monitors Extended mode – one picture is spread onto two monitors WinDVD The desktop extension is a more interesting mode than the clone one. There are several models in the works, from the mainstream Xabre MHz core and memory to the lower-end Xabre 80 MHz core, MHz and even a relatively high-end Xabre poised to challenge Nvidia and ATI in the low- to midrange segments. Beginners Guides Cases and Access. The two demo CDs from Infogrames contain 5 games demos that is alltogether: The problem of such a weak support of pixel shaders probably results from errors in the chip or drivers.

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Abit has lower memory clock frequencies than the other FX manufacturers, on top of that they even chose to go with a 64 bit memory bus instead of bit which will severely handicap performance. Its not available yet, so there isn’t a lot of reviews, but there are articles on VR-Zone http: SiS seems to have joined the many Zabre enthusiasts who criticize Nvidia’s decision to use the Xagre label to indicate a model year, not a new architecture — its press releases make prominent jabs at the lack of hardware DirectX 8 support in Nvidia’s GeForce4 MX line.

The quality of the TV-out and any other in and outputs are compared. The more competition, the more price warring.

We begin by having a look at the texture filtering quality of these boards when using trilinear filtering:. On a more serio The clockspeeds stated gsinward are using gainwards Enhanced Mode.

The details will be shown later. Bump Mapping Dot3 Here the Xabre performs excellently, thanks to 4 pixel pipelines. We takes a look at the functional and aesthetical design. This means for an example that we grade a boad that clocks from to MHz higher than a board that clocks from to MHz.


8x Budget Shootout

In UT we 040 dm-antalus flyby. Here is the Xabre chipset: Its never a good idea to judge product by its predecesors from 4 years or more ago. Pretty nice increases here. Please keep in mind though that PixelViews board was higher clocked to begin with. The package includes Abits tailor made cables and adapters which looks very cool.

For the tests we used SIS drivers 3. SIS is known to be pretty crappy. For comparison we used the following cards: Obviously, the pixel shaders are realized quite gqinward, which results in their low performance.

SiS’s Xabre 400 graphics processor

This will surely keep you entertained for a few hours. This little application has loads of features. SiS would have been wise to include a software vertex shader in its driver software, so Xabre could expose both pixel and vertex shader capabilities to applications.

Seems as if FX and Radeon might not be the most future proof boards out there. Ahh, I just love the “Gainward Red”.

The board also handels digital audio. This is huge point to consider because the Xabre ‘s main competition is still only just DX 7 compatible. This is a mode in their tool called Expert Tool that overclocks the card a little bit. Steam names the best-selling games of Each element is isolated from the silver, which eliminates electrical problems. Which might win favour with the fanless PC brigade.

I hope SIS programmers will hear it and eliminate the errors.

Hardware support of pixel shaders 1. Worst of all, it was integrated and could not be disabled!!!!