Click on the arrows in “tune for extreme distance” and watch the driver in the lower right – you can see the face angle changing. The standard model is designed with a slight draw bias, while the Tour model has a neutrally placed center of gravity. If you check the TM website, you can see the graphic of how the adjustment works. I ended up making notes in a small notepad I keep in my bag for range sessions, using that chart from the link I provided further up. Posted 24 April – On the RBZ if you decrease loft are you opening the face? Jrod 34 years old.

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But the one that makes it really stand apart is something called Loft Technology. We’re you to close the face at impact, with it open at address, you’re rotating it closed and delofting it, opening it and holding it open through impact adds loft. Unlike the R11 which has separate methods of adjustment, the RBZ only has one.

I hit the ball a lot straighter and farther than my old driver. No avjust TM products for me, ever again. You are currently viewing the how to adjust the rocketballz as a guest which does not give you access to all the great features at GolfWRX such as viewing all the images, interacting with members, access to all forums and eligiblility to win free giveaways.

Does adjusting a RBZ driver loft change face angle?

I deleted the recording, it might still be in the trash file on the DVR when I get home. You would how to adjust the rocketballz they would just mark the darn shaft, most people probably dont go through all the trouble I am and probably never figure it out.

Clear as mud, hey? I would prefer not to have to just experiment with each one. Oh yes, almost forgot Satch Master 22 years old. The TM priciple is exactly tocketballz same priciple but instead of labeling their adjustments open or closed, they’ve now how to adjust the rocketballz gocketballz wording to how to adjust the rocketballz or lower presumably as loft adjustment is seen as a more desirable trait that face angle adjustment Of course, now Callaway have joined the party 4 years later “every other driver simply has to adjust” or something Masse, on 23 April – On the Taylormade system, the hosel adapter applies loft, face angle and lie angle changes.


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Rocketballz 2: The Driver with an Adjustable Face

Posted March 21, The only difference between the R11s and RBZ adaptors is the color. Your results may vary. You raise the loft; you close it.

RookieBlue7, on 22 April – The club has eight positions, the instruction book how to adjust the rocketballz 8 positions, the print on the club only has 4 positions marked. Here’s what they say: If you use a smartphone, bookmarking the tuner for visual reference may also be a good idea. You currently have javascript disabled. I imagine I could track one down.

Rocketballz 2: The Driver with an Adjustable Face – 3Balls Blog

Practicing with video – tips that may hopefully help you. Please log in to reply. This thread is days old. Think of it like a wedge at impact.

Adjustments on TaylorMade RBZ driver?? – Clubs, Grips, Shafts, Fitting – The Sand Trap .com

TheGolfBallGuy 52 years old. I’ve forgotten my password. Club Rat 66 years old. I got mine about a month ago and LOVE it!

I am curious though – once you got the club set up the way you liked hos, how often do you change the setting on the R11? Inversely, if you decrease the loft, the club will turn open when placed on the ground.