To fix it, remove the kernel module and reinsert it to prod it back into action. I miss these, since I specially map them for use with Emacs. However, the middle button by the pointing stick does not work at all under Linux if the touch pad is enabled. Even the new gpm has some trouble with suspend and resume. The Back and Forward keys can be assigned to the otherwise unused F19 and F20 keys with the following commands:. Pressing a button below the display causes the module to connect or disconnect from the internal USB controller. Unfortunately, it will probably stop working occasionally.

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It appears to work just fine, although I have not used all of the ports on it yet.

IBM 26P ThinkPad T30 Modem Board | eBay

See below for more information. The radeonfb framebuffer isn’t accelerated, ibm thinkpad t30 vga. There are three buttons above the touch pad, for use with the pointing stick, and two below it for use with the touch pad. Here’s a sample XF86Config-4 file.

Karl Auer’s T30 page has instructions for fixing this. But in all you are probably ibm thinkpad t30 vga off using one of the other options described above. The ALSA sound drivers have trouble with resume from suspend. I also have a vfa replicator. I don’t use sound much, so I don’t really have an opinion of my own.

It works fine, but it tends to take a little while—30 seconds perhaps—to wake up after a resume from suspend. Unfortunately, with radeonfb the vfa is irreversibly corrupted on resume from wake or hibernation modes, whether in framebuffer or X. Ibm thinkpad t30 vga you’re using Debian, you will need to use the xserver-xfree86 package from the unstable distribution.

IBM ThinkPad T30 DC Jack USB VGA S-video Port Board FRU P/n 26p8479

When the laptop is left alone for a while, unsuspended, in X, whether a framebuffer is in use or not, sometimes it will suffer from similar corruption. A pair of keys around the up arrow key labeled with icons of a folder with one corner folded over and an arrowhead pointing left or right. It is unaccelerated, so scrolling is somewhat slow. Michael Ibm thinkpad t30 vga reports that in fact it is unnecessary to repartition to thinkpaad hibernation to work.


According to Arief, an error message regarding an incorrect chipset h30 appear at module load time, but that the modem will still function properly.

Cutting-edge versions of ibm thinkpad t30 vga support the touch pad and the pointing stick at the same time.

IBM ThinkPad T30 Notebook Windows 98, 2000, XP Drivers, Software

In text mode, ibm thinkpad t30 vga VESA framebuffer vesafb is a way to take advantage of the screen’s full resolution. Disabling the touch pad from the BIOS does allow the middle button to work.

Afterward you optionally can use the loadkeys program to configure them for various actions. X reads raw keycodes, so it must be configured separately. Pressing a button below the display causes the module to connect or disconnect from ibmm internal USB controller.

You can disable this by telling cga kernel about them with a command such as setkeycodes e e06a e The speakers are okay but tend to ibm thinkpad t30 vga at medium to high volumes. Various folks report that wlan-ng works well with the built-in Orinico PCI It’s clear ATI doesn’t give a damn whether the people who buy their products are able to use them effectively.

I haven’t personally tried to use ibm thinkpad t30 vga, but Arief Mulya reports success with the AMR version of the SmartLink drivers linked from linmodems. Notably absent are the Windows keys present on most PC keyboards. Both the pointing stick and the touch pad work fine with Linux. Even the new gpm has some trouble with suspend and resume.

The BIOS is very configurable for a laptop. Unfortunately, it will probably stop working occasionally. I miss these, since I specially map them for use with Emacs.