More info I agree. You can also download the free official LabelFlash software and it will check to see if your drive is compatible. You may be surprised at how quiet the disc drive is. Also, any links to better LabelFlash software, whether free, shareware, or commercial, would be greatly appreciated. June Learn how and when to remove this template message. DiscT 2 allowed you to burn images on the unused part of the data side of a disc. Burning labels on discs with a LabelFlash drive is a simple and straightforward process that has been made unfortunately unappealing by the software available to do it.

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Be aware, though, that the company that produces Nero has been very vigilant against piracy in the past, so an older version that you find online, even labelflash dvd a legitimate site like oldversion. LabelFlash labelflash dvd additional templates on their website, but there is no way to kabelflash them to the software.

As you can see, the information that will be printed on the disc appears in the boxes on the right side. CNET’s computer newbies forum is a great resource for new computer users to find solutions to their computer problems.

Though the two may be comparable in some ways, LightScribe and Labelflash really have a lot of differences that may make each one more optimal than labelflash dvd other in certain situations. The labelflash dvd difference between Labelflash dvd 7 Premium and Nero 7 Ultra Edition appears to be the inclusion of or lack of, respectively support for Labelflash and DiscT 2.

Both technologies offer the world something that is both innovative and fascinating and has helped to labeltlash some of the problems that computer users face every time they burn music discs, backup archives, and more.

I was also curious labelflash dvd find out why LightScribe is so much more popular. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The only way to get it to shut down is to hold the physical power button down till it shuts down. He covered only LightScribe as such labelflash dvd are much more widely available. However, of the two, Labelflash tends to burn labelflash dvd faster than LightScribe by about four to five minutes.

If you are not sure whether you have a LabelFlash drive, the labelflash dvd way to find out is to read labelflash dvd documentation that came with your drive or computer. I use the menu button shutdown and the screen goes blank, but the system does not fully shut down. Views Read Edit View history. This time, click on the little box that says DiscT 2 Mode.


Another significant factor to consider is the supported media. Then proceed to do some test discs, until familiar. The official web site is ridiculously primitive, the software is worse, and without software the hardware is useless. Set at full quality, both drives take roughly half an hour or more labelflash dvd burn a label to a disc. This post has been flagged and will be reviewed by our staff. In fact, not even all the images that come with the software are available on labelflash dvd list of templates.


I wish there were a universal self help guide to computers, but it’s impossible labelflash dvd all the changes that are constantly taking place. This is similar to the LightScribe technology labelflash dvd by Hewlett-Packard earlier.

No question is too small or big, simple or complicated, dumb or smart–what you’ll find is a comfortable and friendly destination for you to discuss and get tips on fixing problems with computer hardware or software, Windows OS, viruses, as well as networks and labelflash dvd Internet. You will need a disc that is not full of data out to the edge, because the edge of the disc labelflash dvd where the label will appear. Thanks so much for your info, I thought I was labelflsah it!!

This was helpful 1. LabelFlash discs are a very dark blue, where the most commonly available Labelflash dvd discs are golden there are both LabelFlash and LightScribe discs that are other colors as well. See Wikipedia’s guide to writing better articles for suggestions.

Thank you labelflash dvd helping us maintain CNET’s great community. So, labelflzsh you have a LabelFlash drive, now you have an idea of lxbelflash to burn labelflasj, unsophisticated labels, which might very well be all you need.

Disc Cover — LightScribe VS. Labelflash: A Disc Labeling Cold War

The technology is most commonly used on Toshiba and Gateway branded laptops. You consent to our cookies if labelflash dvd continue to use our website. If your drive came with OEM software labelflash dvd some kind, you might labrlflash to give that a try.

The result is a silvery, monochrome image with up to different shades and dpi resolution.