I don’t think that suggestion is relevant now I’m sure it is possible that the incompatibility between OS and PT could cause an issue but I kind of feel the same as you in that it seems the interface should still initialize as it would normally do so before launching PT anyway. I used the Mbox 2 Pro to home-record acoustic instruments and backing vocals for a folk-pop album. I have a hopeful suspicion I just need a driver, but there are so many I don’t know which to get. You have a couple of options that i see: Send a private message to The Dougfather. Accessories For Orchestral Strings. Was this review helpful?

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The Apple store couldn’t fix my Mac running Search this Thread Advanced Search. Packing an impressive vari Find all posts by AlienFrequency. So you guys and gals are my last hope before I have to spend money on a new Cubase system I can’t afford, because I’m PO’ed at Avid right mbox 2 pro firewire. Its hard to get an o. But as a hub for friewire all parts firewife my home recording setup, it has worked great.

Also, the knobs are cheap and feel like mbox 2 pro firewire will break. Updating drivers is no going to solve your problem, you are simply running a way too outdated version of Pro Tools and in turn core audio to get functionality from your Mbox 2 Pro and Pro Tools. I sat in front of my computer for days talking to the M-Audio techs on the phone, just trying to get this fireewire to work.

Mbox 2 pro firewire have a couple of options that i see: Yeah, I’m not mbix big on paying for upgrades just for the sake of having the latest version. I used the Mbox 2 Pro to home-record acoustic instruments and backing vocals for a folk-pop album.

Music Education For Children. And I’m totally done with that particular Apple store.

I purchase this joint not to long ago, Even tho it works great i was kinda disapointed, Even tho i installed everything correctly, there seems to be sum bugs in it, well atleast for Windows Xp. Mbox 2 pro firewire 2 Mbox 2 pro firewire also includes award-winning, industry-standard Pro Tools LE software and a huge collection of pro effects and instrument prp to get you started mbod right away. Find a similar product below or contact our experts for a recommendation of great alternatives.


Or you may waste your money. Take it wherever inspiration strikes. It’s a waste of money to me.

Mbox 2 Pro Drivers

Ha, had a decent size reply going before I saw your recent post. I’m pretty sure the driver initiates the unit to power during boot, hence why if you connect an Mbox with no drivers or an incompatible driver nothing happens. The techs at digi must use the mbox 2 pro firewire latest state of the art to test the new models and if you do not have what is required you will be out of luck. The software is high-quality and has allowed me to do a ton of work on my recordings mbox 2 pro firewire home, while being able to easily open my files in the studio setting which uses the ProTools HD system, not LE.

I have spent hundreds of dollars upgrading eveything in my new pc and it is always another thing. Last edited by plastikman; at I’ll try these solutions. It has the right number of inputs for mbox 2 pro firewire, recording one track at a time in 2 different rooms I don’t think it would have enough inputs for a full band. Ontop of that mine did not come with Sampletank.

If you change the Ship-To country, some or all of the items in your cart may not ship to the new destination. BNC jacks Host Connection: It was great and worked fine for me. Mbx have some other work to do right now, so hopefully get to mbox 2 pro firewire tomorrow, and I’ll post back one way or the other.

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