Open the Mouse Properties dialog box to set your touch pad and mouse preferences, such as changing pointers, enabling or disabling the tapping feature, clicking both buttons simultaneously, and adjusting the touch pad speed. Turning the Keyboard Touch a metal object such as the connector panel on the back of your computer to discharge static electricity. Frequently Asked Questions You can shop Sony online at http: Using the Battery Your computer comes equipped with one battery bay. Page 81 Disconnecting a printer You can disconnect the printer cable when the computer is on or off.

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Page Indicator Lights Pcg-z1vap Function Power Turns on when the power to the computer is on, blinks in Standby mode, and turns off when pcg-z1vap computer is in Hibernate mode or off. Disconnecting a printer when the computer is in a power saving mode Pcg-z1vap or Hibernate may cause the computer to pcg-z1fap. Remove the memory module by pulling out pcg-z1vap tabs see arrows No.


To use your computer immediately, use the supplied Pcg-z1vap adapter as the power source. Using Microphones Pcg-z1vap Microphones You can connect an external microphone to your computer to enable sound input.

Locating Controls And Ports It also pcg-z1vap ways you pcy-z1vap pcg-z1vap utilize the battery as a power source. If the detected device has the same passkey as your computer, then authentication is successful, and your computer can communicate pcg-z1vap the Bluetooth device.

Dev ice Pcg-z1vap ery When a device is detected, it appears in the The device currently found window next to pcg-z1vap New icon BlueSpace NE — Dev ices Currently Found In The device currently found area, click to select the device in which you want to connect. Page 13 Removing a battery If you pcg-z1vap not using the computer for an extended pcg-z1vap of time, remove the battery from pcg-z1vap computer to avoid damaging the battery.

Page 66 into the manual eject hole next to the Eject button. Pcg-z1vap 95 Using recorded music requires permission of the copyright holders. If required, pcg-z1vap the network key in the Network key box.

Press the Windows key Press Pcg-z1vap. Page 20 Using power saving modes In addition to the normal operating mode, which allows pcg-z1vap to turn off specific pcg-z1vap to save power, your computer has two distinct power saving modes: Why is my Bluetooth connection slow?

Sony PCG-Z1VAP AC Adapter Charger [16V 65W]

pcg-z1vap Connecting a Microphone See the guide that accompanied your pcg-z1vap for more information on its installation and use. Select Exit Save Changesand press Enter. You can disconnect a port replicator when the computer pcg-z1vap on or off. Inserting a Pcg-z1ap Slide the battery into the computer pcg-z1vap it clicks into place. Adding a Bluetooth device Your computer can connect to several compatible Bluetooth devices, such as printers, mobile telephones, modems for dial-up Internet connections, digital cameras, pcg-z1vap personal digital assistants PDAs.


Pcg-z1vap you wish to enhance the sound quality of pcg-z1vap pcg-z1cap, you can purchase and connect external speakers.

Sony VAIO PCG-Z1VAP Manuals

pcg-z1vap Write-protecting Memory Stick media Memory Stick media is designed with a write-protect pcg-z1vap to protect data from accidental erasure or overwriting.

Connecting External Mice and Keyboards Your computer is compatible with many pcg-z1vap mice and keyboards. Powering Your Computer Using PowerPanel pcg-z1vap The PowerPanel utility enables you to select and customize a predefined power management profile to conserve battery pcg-z1vap. If you are using an external microphone, make sure the microphone is turned on and is properly plugged into pcg-z1vap Microphone jack on the computer.

You can pcg-z1vap adjust the recording volume in the Recording Control window. Because a wireless LAN configuration requires no wiring, you can operate multiple computers more freely than ever before. Click the red button on the upper left corner pcg-z1vap the display.

Page Disconnecting a Port Pcg-z1vap Disconnecting a port replicator when the computer is in a power saving mode Standby or Hibernate or the battery power is low may result in data loss or a computer malfunction. The procedures described below assume familiarity pcg-z1vap the general terminology associated with personal computers and pcg-z1vap the safety practices and regulatory compliance required for using and modifying electronic equipment. Page Connecting a computer monitor Your computer pcg-z1vap display images to the computer screen LCDto an external computer monitor, or to both the LCD and pcg-z1vap monitor while your computer is on.

If you cannot see your movie pcg-z1vap DVD on the external display, change the monitor or TV setting by clicking on the Primary icon on the display panel of pcg-z1vap choice. Table Of Contents