The HDUI’s seek-speed figures weren’t so good, though. But this is still very respectable, even by RPM-drive standards. A really clever drive could spin at RPM, or even faster, when it’s being used heavily, but also notice when it was being fed just a trickle of data or none at all, and deliberately reduce its rotational speed to a just-ticking-over RPM or so. The lowest-priced item that has been used or worn previously. If you like i can give more instructions on using hdparm. It popped its ugly head up when I upgraded from vista to 7.

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If these numbers are accurate, then as far as power consumption goes, the Western Digital drive is a better choice than the Samsung.

I guess for future reference samsung hd103ui solution is: Australian shoppers who’d like to order a samsung hd103ui Caviar Green can click here to do so. This Samsung 1 TB hard drive is highly reliable, with rugged construction, which means you are able to enjoy the benefits of sustained flawless operation without fear of disk samsung hd103ui or data errors.

Which is still fast. But it’s not samsunt that this would happen, and life’s too short for me sa,sung run the hours-long test on all three AAM modes.

It’s “a fine-tuned balance of spin speed, transfer rate and caching algorithms designed to deliver both significant power savings and solid performance”. So, looking at it optimistically, Samsung samsung hd103ui kindly given me a generous I forgot to take a picture of the drive before installing it in my computer, samsung hd103ui here’s a handout photo from Samsung.

Samsung Spinpoint F1 HD103UI SATA Hard Drives

When samsung hd103ui were new and shiny, they cost quite a lot per megabyte – or hd1003ui – than did drives with a mere “Gb” capacity real-world gibibytes. If you try to use samsung hd103ui normal hard drive in a vacuumit won’t work. Thanks to the universality of SATA connectors, you can plug SATA laptop drives straight into a desktop PC without any sort of adapter, and you may samsuhg to do that if you’re interested in reducing noise and saving power. Ratings and Reviews Write a review.

Samsung HDUI Issue – Storage – Tom’s Hardware

You can reset this with a tool samsung hd103ui hdparm, afterwich the correct size will be shown. So the drive was probably operating as fast as it could. Desktop-PC drives are idle, but not spun-down and asleep, a lot of the time.

That’d give most of the benefit of putting the samsung hd103ui completely to sleep, but would avoid the several-second wait for the drive to spin up again when you wanted to use it. There are “2Tb” external drives on the market, samsung hd103ui they’re boxes with two 1Tb drives inside, and a RAID system that makes the two drives look like one to a computer.


So it moves them slower, to get to the he103ui spot just in time, using less power and making less noise. Have you tried Samsung’s drive configuration tool ESTool. You may also like. And the lower samsung hd103ui speed also ought, all things being equal, to make the drive last a bit samsung hd103ui.

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When I first read this, I and others thought it was saying that the WD drive can vary its spindle speed on the hd103uj, which’d be a pretty neat trick. Usually, the flagship, top-of-range computer product is ridiculously expensive for what you get, samsung hd103ui the product one step down the specification level is samsung hd103ui amusingly expensive.

Is there anything else samsung hd103ui should try before i pay the shipping for this to he103ui back to NewEgg? This drive is, of course, also compatible with the original version samsung hd103ui SATA, which had a ceiling interface speed of only mebibytes per second.

Ask samsung hd103ui new question. Random access reads and writes within a samsung hd103ui chunk of the drive – a more realistic figure if you’re interested in things samsung hd103ui database lookups, video-file seeking and swap-file operation – averaged 8.

The solution was to reset the drive’s socalled “host protected area”. If you’re reading this long after I wrote it, mere gibibyte drives will probably seem quaintly small. Early versions of the Caviar Green were, for certain tests like small-random-write seek-speed measurements, slower than the Samsung. Boot Linux from live cd 2.

This samsung hd103ui an area on the drive which is not normally accessible to the os. The HDUI isn’t a terrible choice as a system boot drive, or as a place to put a swap file on a computer that boots from some other drive. Hello again, I created a ubuntu boot disk, but it seems samsung hd103ui only be seeing the 32mb of the cache rather than the full tb of the drive.