August 7, at 4: Hello, the Source http: Hi Mike, can you post us, how you’ve set the configuration-bits from your pic? I used the drivers and software posted by SUB here. The application is basically only a timer using outputs to drive level shifters so there is no circuit diagram to send. Old and very old. Embedded Systems and Microcontrollers.

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September 28, at 5: The only bad thing is that all messages in the software are written in so called chinglish language top200 mine. Have any software updates been issued.

For specific Window version driver only: Also there is interesting feature- logic searcher. TopWin With version 5.

Appoint in top204 the name of the Lord ground floor there hasnt been a great help. So I payed LTL 00 ct. September 17, at 9: This driver is for all Windows XP, Win7.

Except two chips, but it is very rare chips: And it works with JDM programmer, Willem programmer and other programmer. I hope, that next version of the software will fix these bugs.

August 7, at 4: Hello I have this program recently and have not managed to put to work! March 10, at 3: All devices are working. Turns out it could read them but it would only program jibberish and then fail. The software is beter, my version is already a bit beter translated, especialy fuse setting for avr was for me bit strange, so have now something more like ponyprog have.


GAL16LV8 is working- also tested in my breadboard for proper logic. You have placed at least one decoupling-ceramic-capacitor of 0. What I did to get working was top2004 first install topwinen3x.

TOP2004 EPROM programmer: a simple mod!

Hi, I bought same TOP programmer yesterday on ebay after reading your blog post. April 14, at 9: The above vista links are dead any other links to play with? Those side pff… tap follow the tracks, we wish we had the scheme! It needs USB driver 3.

The time will be shown on a LCD display. I used the drivers and software posted by SUB here.

TOP EPROM programmer: a simple mod! | Museo dell’Informatica Funzionante

What version of software you have? The new version GQ-4×4 to2004 has two beep sounds from programmer when it is power on. Remove any thing on programmer!

Mayhaps there is a bad address line that resets the unit when it should just go high. I’ve already purchased a Genius G programmer, which seems to do the job, if Toop2004 can just decipher the documentation. I just think, that list is not updated. May 12, at 6: