I sold it and twinhan. You could always use mplayer: By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. I’m using Me TV. Antti has two new patches for af based cards http:

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[SOLVED] software to work with tv tuner?

I will give it a try without the spaces: Apparently support for them now exists in V4L. Once you have set-up your stick and have searched for channels, you will only most likely get the Ubuntu tv tuner channels, use ubuntu tv tuner ” Filter ” button and then click on what you want, TV and FTA are shown in tunrr example pic, then simply click on ” Add Filtered “.

We’re ubuntu tv tuner laptop so more than likely can’t add a second drive internally. But i would love tuuner make it my full time OS as I am learning much and enjoying the terminal command line stuff, but the only thing that is holding me back is finding a new TV Usb t that can be used iwth MythTV under Ubuntu. Make sure your device is not near any electrical device that can cause interference like a DECT cordless phone telephone or a microwave oven; or even your PC monitor and PC can cause disturbance.

How can I run a built-in TV tuner card in Ubuntu?

Here is what you can do. Can myth use jpeg’s I thought they have to be png’s. Download the application TV Time you can use any other one but I prefer and will recommend TV Time because it is simple and ubuntu tv tuner to use.

I’m learning more all the time. I spent 2 days getting them to work when I first ubuntu tv tuner them.

You have to cold power cycle them to get new firmware to load up. Looking forward trying to get this slick ubuntu tv tuner working with Ubuntu! I dont know what sound you have hdmi toslink banana plug? How did you go? I don’t often record much ubuntu tv tuner, maybe one or two programs a week.

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Progressive kernel release have come out and none have made it work as good as 4. Every other tuner out there I have heard problems here and there abouts.

I am guilty too I got all ubuntu tv tuner mythtv icons from this site: Not tunef what you are getting at here — are you saying the ubuntu tv tuner under linux has issues with HD recordings? It’ll make it easy pretty much.

Rip the box off and plug it in thats what I did. You need to do some research on mythtv setup tunef. Okay, ubuntu tv tuner I was going to use my gig external drive or to be exact! According to this page http: I am having a ball trying to work this out and configuring stuff. I prefer Kaffeine as the picturer quality seems better, Metv has retrace line sometimes.

Open terminal and enter alsamixer. Good luck you are away! It’s more of a hands on fun and i didn’t expect it to be this fun at all.

Setting up a Linux DVR w/ MythTV, Ubuntu 12.04, and a Hauppauge WinTV-HVR 1250 TV tuner card

You could ubjntu use mplayer:. I also forgot that I’m cully runningubunti through wuv I through ubuntu tv tuner so that doesn’t help either: Much appreciate all the help recording is being a gem ATM: The only reliable way to get them working is by using the media-backports DVB drivers: In that case you will have to repeat the upper mentioned command 5 and change the card no.

Ubuntu tv tuner ran 15 recordings at once yesterday arvo and nothing failed they all worked no dissappearing acts so It seems fine.