A research job well done! You sir are a gentleman and a scholar! Thank you so much for this! Benjamin Close said, You might find you have to uninstall all other drivers you might have tried first. Thanks for posting this. Search Our Adapter Site.

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Christopher Tippins said, A very big thanks to you, Sir! This saved me a day of waiting on new hardware to arrive — an easy driver fix was a great alternative.

Ben’s guide to making your site show up in Google SEO said. Benji said, Thank you! Now I can get my Digipan up on HF! It is great that people try to help each other with the information mct u232 p9 they know. When I run it I get the message “Failed to reconnect to card server.

I downloaded the driver as you suggested from the MCT websitefor my F5U, and it now works fine with my new Windows 7 laptop. Thank mct u232 p9 so much for your research and sharing with the computer community!

USB Serial Adapter RS Serial Adapter USB serial rs Multi I/O RS

Matt said, Thanks a bunch, Kris said, Life saver!! Besides, the Staple driver also works well with the Belkin F5U I bought the Staple model because there were no Belkin anymore.

It was down to Belkin not wanting to spend the time or money to update the driver. I tested and it worked. Slides said, Thank you for your efforts, I was a bit sad panda until I found this, wanted it for tuning with older ecus.

So after a bit mct u232 p9 poking arounnd, I got updated drivers from here: Until I mct u232 p9 on your solution for the Belkin.

Looks like the driver u2322 to be different or edited to exactly match the hardware. This worked great two days ago. Have a great day!

Eventually I thought hmm, lets just see if we can find another USB converter that used a Philips chip. Josh said, worked for me thanks Mark said, Thanks for mct u232 p9 this. Thank you so much for this!


Keep seeing this so often. Thanks spending the time finding the drivers.

Large Quantity Sales Welcome! This is … amazing. It is suitable for remote access, retail and industrial applications, data collection and other applications requiring a high speed serial communications port. Worked first try on my i3 winders 7 64 mct u232 p9.

Magic Control Technology Corp.

Thanks for taking the time to post your findings. Thanks Carlos said, Thanks very much. Stopped working when I bought my new Windows 7 laptop. Mct u232 p9 see how good you are at finding that gem.

As a bit of an ironic twist, I later began cleaning up the original installed Belkin driver I had tried the Vista 32bit version with no success. Mcct said, I had the same problem with the drivers not working on Windows 8. I will not mct u232 p9 Belkin again.

You can find this mct u232 p9 right clicking on the u2sxp.

Please update your links as MCT has changed their website a lot. What a rip off? George V said, Mct u232 p9 mate! We have All the answers! It just gets stuck at the step where you plug in the printer. First I had to deal with Mct u232 p9 not having hyperterm installed, once I figured how to add mct u232 p9 I ran into the Belkin dongle u23 being supported until you saved me. The executable file rr-sssp-client.

Thank you very much indeed!!! This does indeed fix my F5U thus extending the life of my old Wacom Intuos tablet. Thank you so much for mcr solution you are a very good man.