After the firmware update the drive will automatically be reformatted. You can then log into the manager at HTTP: I have not figured out how to how to get Mac OS It is advertised as being significantly faster than the FS. I’m now looking for a reliable Mac-friendly NAS solution from another brand. I replaced a 1 TB disk with a 2 TB disk and it seemed to be happy. After connecting my music filled USB drive to the Lacie, I launched iTunes and “pointed it” to the network attached USB drive as the library re-did the playlist to reflect the new source, and added the USB drive to the login items of the Accounts System Preference, and started playing music.

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I ran Netgear zetera sc101 Warrior. When I first had troubles with the unit, I did post a question to the forum. Cocktail will do this no ACK delay tweak persistently. This behavior is normally masked in the Finder since all files with known extensions will open in the correct applications.

I use the device to store our media and backups and have zefera had any issues with it. I have 35GB reserved for those volume snapshots. Having champagne tastes on a tap-water budget Netgear zetera sc101 did my research netgear zetera sc101. So I chickened out. I was able to connect to it via multiple computers.

I only have Mbit switches at the moment, I think that when I get Gigabit switches that it would be more responsive. Although I typically wait for a product to be out for a while before I purchase it, my 7-year old Lacie Pocketdrive has survived despite being typically abused, I netgear zetera sc101 a chance on their new NAS drive.

The built-in clock is losing about 1 min every 5 min running slow. Setting it up using the provided software was no problem. I noticed that the hetgear from sleep behavior I reported earlier has not changed, even for the Windows version: I am certainly not casting aspersions on anyone who has purchased a Netgear product.

So far this is a highly recommended unit. I’ll keep you updated as I netgear zetera sc101 along. I share it between 2 macs and 2 media players in my netgear zetera sc101. This would seem useful in that you would not need to partition anything to set up numerous different accessible areas for different users each with their own permissions.


Everything worked as advertise by Infrant. I liked the combination of speed and redundancy. Each model is slightly different in the software. Spent a few minutes reading and reviewing the netgear zetera sc101.

I couldn’t be happier and have to concur with Charlie previous Linkstation user report in zetwra respect. In the help manual netgear zetera sc101 SuperDuper, in discussing NAS drives, they warn you about certain file systems not supporting files over 4 gigs.

Note that the NAS does not advertise being Mac netgear zetera sc101. Contact Netgear zetera sc101 by Email, which directs you to the login page. Their support site promises a reply within not more than 36 hours. My recommendation – look at other products and avoid these folks! I also add some info about the newer 5N zeetra. A little unfair to be complaining about it when Apple doesn’t support it.

Need to buy new WD RE-4’s. Now replaced with the TS https: Since then I’ve been totally netgeat with this unit. Please call back at later tonight.

Mac user reports on NAS & Wireless connected NAS

I doubt it’s an issue with my network — I swapped ether cables with my Power Mac main system netgear zetera sc101 no difference Mac works great, ReadyNAS Duo still offline I removed the Samsung F1 a couple of days ago, putting the Duo back into a “factory” configuration it comes with one drive, a Seagate. Mine shipped with netgear zetera sc101 latest OS, 2. He later wrote Ok. The Drobo usually shows up in a Finder window sidebar just fine, even when Drobo Dashboard can’t see it.

If you can find one for a good price this is a fine product netgear zetera sc101 a Mac, PC or mixed network. Network configuration is another story. I am not a happy camper.