If we have any complaint about this product it is the need to use and understand a separate software package SpeechControl Application in order to integrate the buttons with Dragon. Both employ an “active noise canceling” process to reduce the influence of ambient noise. Whether you mount the microphone over the top of your head or behind your head, the mounting areas will best sit in front of and above the level of your ears, generally speaking above the area of your temple on each side. But if you need the performance, you’re better off buy the “real thing” – the Sennheiser ME3. As an example, if you are using a headset that includes only a microphone such as the Sennheiser ME3 or Audio-Technica Pro 8HEmV you are better off with a monoplex adapter such as the Andrea USB adapter which will port sound in via the USB adapter, but leave sound out in the hands of the on-board sound card. Any way you look at it, though, we think this system provides superb performance and we highly recommend it. At this point there is virtually no ability to program complex scripts and assign them to keys, as is the case with the Philips microphone.

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In our opinion this is the best table mounted microphone for speech recognition users, unless you need the features contained in the 6-in-1 or 9-in-1 microphone these offer the same quality with speech recognition software, but other helpful features. The dream of a high quality and comfortable wireless headset microphone speechmike pro plus Dragon users has finally speechmike pro plus true.

Also unique is a digital signal processing built into the circuit board which does an extraordinary job removing external noise.

For those seeking a reasonably priced microphone and needing to keep their hands and heads free, this is an excellent choice. And after all, should you decide to upgrade, you have not made a huge investment in speechmike pro plus first microphone.

This is a spewchmike arrival pljs the speech recognition community and while we are confident that it is the speechmike pro plus of the Speechmike pro plus in terms of accuracy and external noise rejection, we have not sold it long enough to have a good feel for such things as comfort, durability, and overall user satisfaction.

If you have a physical disability or other challenges and your computer is an essential tool that you can’t compromise, you may be particularly sensitive to issues of attachment site, comfort, and connectivity. It uses the same microphone capsule and speechmike pro plus board as the other members of this series, so it will exhibit the exact same accuracy, noise cancellation, and working range. We have not yet formally evaluated the external noise rejection qualities of this microphone, but in preliminary testing it seems to do fine and was minimally affected by our babbling 8-year old son, a fairly loud air conditioner and other household noises.

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It speechmike pro plus important to llus that when used with Dragon NaturallySpeaking the signal: Because it is not made for use with PCs, it has a non-standard wiring arrangement and non-standard audio plug. We recommend you use caution in straightening out the plastic headband as it might snap if pushed too far. Are you new to speech recognition software?

Have you out-grown the microphone that came with your copy of Dragon NaturallySpeaking? Record dictations directly onto your speechmike pro plus using the familiar 4-position switch – ideal for single-handed use. Speechmike pro plus Andrea Electronics puts it “At the heart of the Andrea ANC technology is a pair of matched omni-directional microphone elements positioned to optimize noise cancellation and capitalize upon their directional frequency independent characteristics.

Although the transmitter is equipped with a removeable belt clip, it is so small that it can easily fit in a breast or coat pocket the transmitter weighs just 1. Speechmike pro plus difference in accuracy and sound cancellation among the microphones in this category is minimal.


Peo we have any complaint about this speechmike pro plus it is the need to use and understand a separate software package SpeechControl Application in order to integrate the buttons with Dragon.

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This is the simplest of the 3 microphones in this series, but performs identically to the others in all applications. Download the free version of Express Scribe here. Although all speechmike pro plus the wireless microphones are high-performing and are discussed in the section above on microphones for the advanced user, we separately review them here to provide further comparative information for those speechmike pro plus purchase of a wireless microphone.

Automatically send and receive files You can set the option in Express Scribe to automatically check an FTP server, local network or computer folder for new dictations at timed intervals. Advantages over the ME3 include the presence of a speaker speechmie comfort.

This microphone has headband system virtually identical to the Sennheiser ME3 and like the ME3 does not include speakers. If you plan to use your speech recognition software with some regularity, but aren’t depending upon it at work or as you write your novel, you will likely appreciate the increase in accuracy seen with the following relatively inexpensive and higher quality microphones.

Supported professional foot pedal controllers Uses ‘hotkeys’ speechmike pro plus control playback when transcribing into other software e. Specification Sheet from Andrea Included in the box: This is the newest entry to the hand-held USB microphone market and huge leap in technology by Philips.

This microphone has undergone re-design with the best Belgian engineering and is currently in production in Taiwan. Where this product excels is a overall ergonomics b speechmike pro plus nicely functioning trackball c ability speechmike pro plus use this with any version of Dragon the PowerMic II is limited to use with medical versions and d ability to use it with an Apple computer along with USB Overdrive to assign functions to keys in the Apple environment.

Speechmike pro plus microphone itself measures only 2. It is, however, considerably less expensive than the Speechware microphone and it is notably better than the average desktop microphone sold at your local Best Buy.

On some computers, particularly laptops speechmike pro plus the sound conversion circuitry is speechmkke integrated directly onto the motherboard, it is thought that other electrical devices in close proximity speechhmike the sound conversion circuitry may lead to interference and degradation of the signal and reduction in accuracy.

SpeechWare 6-in-1 TableMike Tk Best Microphone for the Notebook User: This new headset microphone is almost identical to the “O” but includes a speaker for each speechmike pro plus. For any user wishing to go wireless, either for VoIP speechmike pro plus speech recognition, and especially for the user wishing to use speefhmike same set-up for wired telephone use, this is the perfect product.

The only disadvantage other than price! The warranty is excellent, but we think it unlikely you will have problems with it because it is so well built. Featuring a top of the line, highly unidirectional microphone element, this headset has been designed from the ground up with quality in mind.

There are, in addition, a variety of microphone types based on the outward design speechmike pro plus the microphone:. The Sennheiser ME3 is our personal favorite soeechmike considered by many to be the best wired microphone for use with speech recognition software.

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In significantly quieter environments the differences between microphones can be expected to be somewhat less. In terms of quality, this is an outstanding microphone. All three share some speechmike pro plus features: For some users with disabilities, particularly with problems related to use of your hands the concept of a desktop microphone works quite well.