They made fun of the looks but after i hit it, all had to try it. I personally gave it an 8. Not surprisingly, they experienced poor results. Sign me up for the newsletter. Some would even go so far as to tell you they’re basically the same thing.

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While only 3 missed by similar margins to the right, it’s painfully clear that our testers found it difficult to keep shots as close to the center line as they have with other drivers we’ve tested. In this case, the majority chose to remember the shortest of their test shots. Where they went wrong in my opinion is the red crown that steps down tiger shark powerpod ii it transitions to black.

Tiger shark powerpod ii course, what’s a bit more interesting are TigerSharks’s claims that independent testing has shown the PowerPod II to be 5. Our testers have a tendency to selectively remember only a few shots from their sample session.

TigerShark Golf Power Pod II Driver – The World’s First Slice Proof Driver

The PowerPod II also offers hope for guys who struggle to keep their backspin numbers under control. This big guy wants to hit that funny club again.

Most, as you can see from the review, perceived distance differently than our numbers indicate. Once again, I suspect there are design elements tiger shark powerpod ii play all that mass behind the sweet spotand my guess is things like feel and soundmay have been afterthoughts.

Tiger Shark PowerPod II Driver

Orders that qualify for expedited shipping must be placed by 3pm CST to ship same day. The head of the club would be shoulder high and their hands were already past i ball.

Tiger shark powerpod ii same phenomenon occurs with respect to accuracy as well. This actually looks well put together and just as nice looking as many well known expensive drivers. In fact, they believe that their product is so good that tiger shark powerpod ii than a few golfers aren’t going to care what the club looks like once they find out what a game changer it is. We got there a bit differently lower high ratings, higher low ratingsbut not one of our testers was the least bit enamored with the dull thud at impact.

This is, to a large extent, this is exactly why we publish out of scores for every category. Of course, the opposite is true as well.

In most cases, my observations have been that predeterminations more often than not lead to higher rankings and no single company benefits more than TaylorMade in that regard. You may have noticed that we don’t take anybody at their word, so when TigerShark tiger shark powerpod ii to send us a few PowerPod IIs to test, we gladly accepted, and quickly began putting these unique looking drivers in our tester’s hands.


Judging by the results of our subjective surveys, I’m afraid we might be right. Oh and btw your mom looks like Rocky Denis. It was made for the big slicer, the face was closed 8 degrees. If I guy has to ask me 2 or 3 times how many more shots he has to hit, I know il virtual certainty that the LOP score is going to be low.

Results for ‘Tiger Shark’

A few of our testers found themselves trying all sorts of tiger shark powerpod ii things mostly raising their arms to try and adjust how the club looks at address.

They were great off tight lies, but it tiger shark powerpod ii easy, on thicker grass to hit completely under the ball, and it just popped-up a few feet and landed back much where it had previously been! One look at the PowerPod II, and one almost can’t help but think it’s a gimmick that belongs in the same class as “The Hammer”. Eliminates the fear of slicing; point, shoot and it will go left.

tiger shark powerpod ii | eBay

Want MyGolfSpy’s email newsletter? Paint it white, paint it glossy black, either would have been fine. There is an element of explanation that doesn’t come across in the data, and that is that our testers found it very difficult to adjust to the looks of the club.

CONS The funky head shape is a real turnoff for several testers; easy to overdo a draw; many testers find distance to be south of their own driver. Tiger shark powerpod ii Mark gave it a 9 based on my knowledge of how he’s hit everything else this season, he should have rated it a Based on your first photo of the club address positionI have a hard time believing that thing has a square face angle.

It also had a plastic face which had a soft feel but terrible on mishits. I like to order the tiger shark power pod ll,i have the thirst one with the round head ,the carisma pod driver which l have now for about 15 years ,i still used it every week ,can you let me tiger shark powerpod ii how to order the power podll.

I personally poqerpod it an 8, while none of our other testers were willing to score it better than a tiger shark powerpod ii. They had very small faces, and tiny heads with virtually ALL of the weight behind the sweet spot area.