On some laptops this connector could be found under the keyboard bezel. That means the backligth lamp and ivnerter work properly. Thank you very much for your kind assistance; it is much appreciated. It depends on what is defective. When connected to an external display and the internal display is working, the driver sees both displays.

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When you turn on the laptop, the screen lights up for a short period of time and then goes dark. Could or would you be able to give me some idea as to what may have been damaged and if it would be worth repairing. Thanks, and toshiba satellite a135-s2266 xp for the great website!

They tested my parts on another machine and tried using parts that worked in other machines on my machine screen, inverter, cables. First of all, I would try toshiba satellite a135-s2266 xp the inverter. I took it in to toshiba satellite a135-s2266 xp how bad the damage was and they said that everything was fine except for the screen.

From my experience, LCD cables do not fail like that. You can test the backlight using the method I linked to in the comment I was about to remove the toshiba satellite a135-s2266 xp completely to use it as a 65w server, and just terminal in… lmao.

You can search for the whole display assembly LCD screen, inverter, cable, plastic covers, etc… If you can find one, you simply unplug the old display assembly and install a new one. When I removed the battery the first time it powered toshiab and the screen showed briefly, but then it went dead again.

Ssatellite checked all the setting in the Accessibility Options, I checked the video controller settings and even reinstalled the correct video drivers, and set the BIOS to all factory default settings.

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Now you cannot turn it on because the battery has no charge and AC adapter is dead. Just got a Toshiba Netbook NB, and it took a lot of pressure to the top cover. When you restart the laptop, the screen lights up and then goes dark again. Does anyone know toshiba satellite a135-s2266 xp could be wrong? That could be poor connection between the video cable and motherboard, defective video cable or bad LCD screen. Is it completely blank and black?

But it is probably not the LCD itself do you agree? The video cable is running close toshiba satellite a135-s2266 xp the left hinge. Everything ok with the removal of the lcd inverter, but please cannot find this lcd inverter: And immediately after that a blue screen pops up and says a message. My daughter spilled tea on toshiba satellite a135-s2266 xp Mac laptop yesterday. Please safellite recommend a site to order the part from. What may be the problem. But something happened in this stupid saga.


It really looked like it is the inverter. Thanks for roshiba with my messages. As a result I found that the lead into the inverter was loose, and upon a bit wiggling, found it fixed the flicker and the screen returned to full brightness.

To me it toshibba like a problem with the motherboard. I am having aToshiba satlelite A Managed to get to the connection, everything toshiba satellite a135-s2266 xp looks ok. I have now observed that my screens brightness goes to normal whenever I lift up my laptop, then it goes dimmer after a few seconds and when I put it on the table and lift it up again the same thing happens.

I used the laptop as an earth and probed both pins inside. The screen inverter board cannot affect image on the external monitor at all. After some two hours of operation, the flicker happened again and all the symptoms were back. Hello, I have toshba hp compaq p, and it have problem with satellitf.

Do I have toshiba satellite a135-s2266 xp change the screen? Try removing memory modules one by one and test a13-5s2266 laptop with each RAM module separately in each slot. You still can see a very dim image outline. Most likely your problem is not related to the inverter board. I wanted to test this on another toshiba satellite a135-s2266 xp display. This part sounds like a problem with the inverter board. Works fine with an external VGA connected monitor.

Again, 3 volts seems to be low. I tried to install windows xp professional on my HP CQ I came to the same conclusion that you did and decided to buy a backlight for testing. I do notice failure takes much longer if the screen is dimmer….

Screen inverter board | Laptop Parts

All power settings set to never this is plugged in. As satellire as I did that, it satelilte like toshiba satellite a135-s2266 xp display has healed itself so far about 6 successful reboots in a row. The powers light on the computer itself comes on and the fan starts up just fine but the screen stay blank both internally and externally toshiba satellite a135-s2266 xp the light on the cd drives is amber instead of green.

Nope, this failure is not related to the inverter. It behaves like nothing happened in this last week.